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  • Road Trip: Day 23

    Posted on September 20th, 2012 tcorzett No comments

    The G8 Nationals are so close… I can’t sleep! Despite staying-up late and setting alarms for 10am, I was up and wide-awake at 7am. I packed my room and jumped on the road for the short drive to Bettendorf.

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    I arrived in Bettendorf just after noon and stopped at my hotel for the weekend. They didn’t have my room ready, which was no big deal, so ran a few errands. I also stopped at an auto detailer to make an appointment for tomorrow morning… There’s no way I’m going to enter show with thousands of miles of bugs on my car!

    Early in the afternoon I headed to the Isle Casino for the G8 Nationals early-registration. It was a great feeling to pull into the parking lot and see several other G8’s! After registration the rest of the evening was reserved for meeting and talking with fellow G8 owners. This is one of the only times cars from East and West meet.

    “Car Guys” are definitely an interesting bunch of people. Most people who are at a casino don’t spend the evening hanging-out in the parking lot working in their cars. A pair of G8 owners decided to swap spark plug wires (red for black). Others were taking time to enjoy homebrewed beer while “talking shop” about car mods. My engine had finally cooled down enough to empty my catch can… which had maybe a half-cup of oil in it!

    I found myself in a long discussion about road course track events, driving styles, driver education, etc. We even went as far to diagram corners (in pencil) on the concrete parking structure! Before I knew it midnight was approaching and I needed to get back to my hotel.

    Tomorrow morning I have an 8am appointment with a detailer. The G8 has really been neglected lately, not being properly waxed/detailed in months, so some TLC is needed. I also need to get the 6,355 miles worth of bug guts off!