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  • New License Plate

    Posted on July 30th, 2013 tcorzett No comments

    It’s been a long four months, but I finally have my new license plate!

    I’ve been wanting to get a “vanity” plate for a while now, but just couldn’t think-up something that would properly represent my G8. I saw someone with one of the new California “Kid Plates” that uses symbols (heart, plus, star, or hand) and really liked the concept. I was thinking about something to highlight my performance modifications, like “6L+PSI” or “I<3BOOST", but didn't want to drawing too much extra attention. Once I decided what plate to get, I had to wait for the DMV... I submitted my order at the end of March, and after waiting 10-weeks, I received a notice from the DMV that my license plate had finally arrived! I tried to make an appointment to pick-up the plate, but the first available slot was two weeks away! Not going to wait that long, I braved the non-appointment line... and after nearly 4 hours of waiting, was called to the counter to get my license plate.

    Oh great… WTF DMV! To make matters even worse, the attended couldn’t even figure out how to remedy the situation. He tried to reorder the plate, but given it’s a special one (because of the “hand” symbol), there was no way for him to fill-out the forms in his desk. After speaking to the branch manager there was some progress, but there seemed to be an issue with the state system… saying that the plate had been printed as ordered (which it totally wasn’t). With nothing else I could do at that time I went home to wait some more.

    Fortunately the DMV got their act together and I received a phone call from the branch manager a few days later. They were able to get the plate remade and said it would even be mailed to my house (so I wouldn’t need to go into the DMV and wait in line again). Thankfully it didn’t take another 10-weeks for me to receive the corrected plate.