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  • RIP Charlie… it’s been GRRRR8

    Posted on November 14th, 2013 tcorzett No comments

    CHARLES E. VAN WORMER, JR., 46, passed away at home on November 14, 2013, following a year-long battle with cancer. Throughout his adult life, he purchased and modified several Chevys, Ford Mustangs, and most recently, a Pontiac G8. His enthusiasm for this vehicle, and his desire to help other G8 owners, led to his involvement with the GRRRR8 website, to which he provided technical expertise and support. Through this site, Charlie made many friends throughout the United States.

    While I didn’t have the chance to met Charlie face-to-face, through many hours of chatting and reading of forum posts he had a significant influence on me and my G8. One of the other GRRRR8 Board members is producing a commemorative coin to help remember all that Charlie has given us.

    My coin will be finding a home in the glovebox of my G8, and hopefully a little piece of him can come along with me on my adventures. Thank you for giving us G8 folks a home… RIP Charlie.