Life is Great with a 6.0-liter V8
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    Posted on September 30th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    Today I took the G8 to get detailed. While I have been hand-washing the car regularly, I have not been able to determine what I should do regarding a wax. Doing some research I got lost in the world of detail sprays, clay bars, polishes, waxes, and so on…

    The detail department at Able Chevrolet in Rio Vista sponsored a ‘group buy’ for five forum members to get 30% off a complete detailing. The service included an exterior hand wash, vacuum and wipedown of the interior, cleaning of the inside/outside glass, dressing of the tires, claybar, a coat of Zaino sealant, Zaino detail spray (including removal of some smudges from the phonebook I hit the other day), and cleaning and conditioning of the leather.

    I needed to be at the dealership at 8:30am, so needed to wake-up early. Since I figured that I’d have some extra time, I decided to bring my camera and try to get some photos around the bridge that crosses the Sacramento River (even though the light is going the wrong direction).


    While I was waiting for the car to get detailed I was able to setup in the visitor lobby and work on photos (including a panorama).


    After the car was detailed the difference was clearly noticeable. Not only was it super smooth, but I the reflections in the paint and even the windows were perfect. I talked with the people who worked on the G8 and they were super impressed with the car (one even owns a G8 GT… he wanted to know more about the in-dash GPS). I also took the opportunity to learn about some of the maintenance products and what I can do to keep my car looking so smooth.

    After the detailing I headed out for a few more photos.


    Now that the G8 is super clean, it just needs a full tank of gas and I’ll be ready for GoatRun!