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  • Corsa Exhaust

    Posted on September 13th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    Last night was a late one, but the Corsa exhaust is on the G8 GT! The installation was straightforward and there were very few problems. Not as easy as the CAI, since you have to have the car up in the air, but definitely something you can do at home if you have a jack, stands, and some basic tools.

    Removal of the system was the most difficult part, as we didn’t have a 15mm deep (thin wall) socket. A quick trip to Home Depot solved that problem! The bolts holding the flanges to the cats were quite difficult to remove (I’m glad I’m a strong person… as even hitting the wrench with a mallet wasn’t doing anything to break them loose). Once those bolts were out the rest of the system just breaks down and comes out of the hangers.

    The install was just as easy as the removal. The stock exhaust is basically one piece from the cats to the mufflers, while the Corsa system consists of three sections. While it made it easier to install (smaller pieces to lift into place and maneuver around jack stands), the clamps that hold the pieces together require some serious torque (45ft-lbs). Trying to crank down on them was quite a task (and needed to be done for all 6 of them) when you are under a car.

    I’m really happy with the installed Corsa. The sound is something obvious, but not obnoxious. When you are at low RPMs driving around it’s a little louder than stock, but not obtrusive in the cabin. But once you get your foot into the throttle it really opens-up… something that the stock exhaust just doesn’t do.

    The sound at start-up and idle is really nice… I can actually hear the V8 (rather than the air conditioner):

    When the engine is revved a little you can hear that there is something more waiting to get out:

    And while the sound coming from the back is louder, the sound inside the cabin is not anything over the top. Also, at lower RPMs there is very little drone:

    I’m sure the Corsa is a bit louder than what some people would like, and I guess this is why the stock exhaust is just so quiet… but this is just how the G8 GT should be. Now when I’m driving I can enjoy the experience with ears, as much as I have been with the seat of my pants!