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  • My Latest Project

    Posted on December 12th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    The past week I’ve been really busy working on my new project…

    Bay Area Driving Roads
    Ratings and reviews of the best driving roads in the San Francisco Bay Area

    I had originally planned on having something similar on this site, but I found myself wanting to write more about the activities and experiences on the roads… rather than the roads themselves. My ultimate goal with Bay Area Driving Roads (yes, I even got the domain name is to have as many of the potential driving roads in the SF Bay Area mapped-out, reviewed, and rated.

    There are other sites out there that have reviews of driving routes, but most of them just focus on the well-known roads/routes… with very little attention to the smaller roads. Also, there are roads that may not be ‘worthy’ of planning a vacation around, but there are many that are great alternatives to just driving on the freeway from point A to B.

    Another aspect of the site that is different than others that I’ve seen is the ability for the viewers/users to rate each of the roads based on several different criteria (Fun, Difficulty, Speed, Road Condition, Traffic, Accessibility, and Length). With this it’s not just about what I think about a road… rather what everyone thinks about the road!

    This project has required a bunch of work so far, and I’ve not even started with the actual reviews yet… but I’m really hoping that people will find the site useful when trying to decide where to drive. I remember back to February when I purchased the G8 and was trying to find fun places to go driving… I spent hours and hours looking at maps and trying to find information, but there was never one centralized pace to find everything. Now people who are in a similar situation to what I was should have a place to find what they need.

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