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  • Puppy Kicking

    Posted on December 4th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    I’m not a big fan of Puppy Kicking (going up against a vehicle you know is going to have no chance) as you really stand nothing to gain, but today driving to lunch I just had to…

    I was heading out to get some gas (for tomorrow’s cruise), some money (for donations at tomorrow’s cruise), and to get some lunch. I was driving the same route I always do (I’m a very predictable person) and was just minding my own business. I looked-up into my rear view mirror to see a black car quickly changing lanes in/out/around other people. I had a hunch it was the same guy that a few weeks ago asked me “What’s that thing got under the hood”… and I was right.

    I kept my lane and was cruising along at 40mph when he raced-up along side of me and slowed down. I glanced over (knowing it was him), and just as I thought… he had the same look/smile as before.

    At this point (given the road in front of us was clear for a while) I had a feeling that he was going to want to try and strut-his-stuff. I put the transmission into Manual mode and dropped down to 3rd gear (from a 40mph roll 2nd gear would have been more appropriate, but I didn’t want to be revving at 3,500rpm if nothing happened).

    While it wasn’t ‘official’ (three honks, etc.) he was about half-a-car in front of me when he hit the gas. I figured I’d have some fun for punched it (still in 3rd gear) and pulled-up along side and then past him. I would have done it much quicker if I was in 2nd (I probably should have just left it in Drive mode – now that I have the TCM tune – and let the car shift as it needed). Nothing too extreme (and barely working for the G8), but doing a little puppy kicking was fun.

    While I’m not a proponent of doing unsafe things on the street, I’m sure this guy would be shocked just how quick the G8 really is from a stop or a 20mph roll. Again, a lightly-modded Impalla SS (supercharged V6) wouldn’t stand a chance (hence the puppy kicking comments)… but I’m sure he’d have fun.

    Now, I can only imagine how the same situation would have unfolded if I too was supercharged…

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