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  • Full-Sized Spare Tire

    Posted on October 12th, 2009 tcorzett 2 comments

    One of the really weird things about the G8 GT is that it does not come from the factory with a spare tire. Seriously, there is no spare tire! While there is an air compressor with ‘foam’, I’ve not been too impressed with the idea. It’s a bit hard for foam to repair a tire that goes out at speed on the freeway.

    I purchased a used OEM 19″ wheel and tire to use as a full-sized spare. I’m also getting a space saver jack/tool kit that will all fit into the rear tire well. While the added weight isn’t going to help fuel economy, there is something about having a REAL tire to use as a spare.


    2 responses to “Full-Sized Spare Tire”

    1. Did the spare fit in the trunk alright? I have a GXP with 19×8 rims. Wondering if a full spare will fit in the wheel well, real well?

    2. Yes, the 19″ Sport wheel fit into the trunk perfectly. There is also room for a jack and other tools. Pace Performance has a kit that has everything you may need.

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