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  • NorCal GOATs Sonic Drive-In

    Posted on May 9th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    Some of the NorCal GTOs gathered tonight in Stockton for a drive-in at Sonics. There was talk of having many non-Pontiacs (LSx meet type of thing), but for the most part it was the GTOs. I decided to take a longer drive, taking back roads rather than the freeway, and it was enjoyable. I washed the G8 last night, but after driving through the countryside there were many bugs stuck to the front-end… oh well!

    I arrived at the meet a little early (the drive over didn’t take as long as Google suggested it would), but it allowed me to get gas. Cars started to arrive and we lined-up and started talking shop.


    There was one other G8 GT, which was awesome! It had a Corsa exhaust, giving it a mean sound… something that could be interesting in the future. I learned a bunch about the mods done, just in case I want to get more invasive with the G8.


    Like always the conversation was really great. There was lots of talk about suspension upgrades (and the trade-offs they may cause), power-adders (superchargers, intakes, headers, etc.). It’s really dangerous hanging out with these guys (and gals) as it makes me more and more interested in moding my G8!

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