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  • 92 Octane?

    Posted on April 24th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    I filled-up this morning at my local Shell station and noticed that the ‘Premium’ fuel on my pump was labeled as 92 octane!


    I’ve filled up at this station several times before (even on that pump) and never noticed the 92 octane. I checked several of the other pumps and they all seemed to be 91. The price for ‘Premium’ is the same for the 91 and 92 octane, making me believe that it was just the wrong sticker. I went into the service station (mini-mart?) and asked the attendant if they knew if the gas was really 92 octane. She came out to the pump, but really didn’t know the answer (she said she would talk to her manager). I’ll have to go in and ask again the next time I fill-up.

    Update: The pump has since been switch to a 91 octane sticker… so much for good gas!

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