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  • GONE 2012: Day 1

    Posted on September 21st, 2012 tcorzett No comments

    Today is the first official day of the G8 Nationals (GONE)! I sluggishly woke-up to take my car to the Total Detailing Auto Spa for my 8am detailing appointment. The guys who worked on my car did a great job with the clay bar and now my paint is actually smooth again! Unfortunately only minutes after leaving the detailer mother nature decided to rain on my parade (literally). On the bright side, at least my paint is clean enough to use detail spray without needing to worry about scratching-up everything!

    Since I registered yesterday, I decided to go back to my hotel and relax a bit. Mid-day I headed to GONE and met-up with several people who I’ve been talking with online for years. It was really great to see everyone and talk about our cars.

    It wasn’t long before everyone got together for the drive to the drag strip. I decided long ago that I wasn’t going to be racing my car this year… I didn’t even bring my helmet/jacket. Since I was just spectating I decided to take the opportunity and grab a few photos.

    After the rain earlier in the day the weather tonight was quite cool. With the cold air the DA (density altitude) was helping to produce great times on track. Unfortunately once the sun went down sitting in the grandstands wasn’t very comfortable. After a few rounds of racing I decided to call it a night.

    Tomorrow is a big day at GONE; first the car show and then the cruise…

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