Life is Great with a 6.0-liter V8
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  • G8 and GTO

    Posted on March 13th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    There is someone at work who has a 2005 Cyclone Grey GTO that occasionally parks it in the lot in front of the building where my office is. Since I purchased the G8 GT, only once have I been in the lot at the same time… and of course I parked right next to him. Today after work I was driving home, just about to get on the I-580W, and I saw the GTO in my rear view mirror. He was not going to get on the freeway, so I decided to take the scenic way home!

    I slowed down a little and let the GTO get along side. The passenger was looking over my car, so I can only assume that they were talking about the G8. It’s a nice feeling to have someone interested in your car… not really something that I’ve ever felt before.

    I had hoped that we could line-up at one of the many traffic lights on N. Vasco Rd, but there was never the opportunity. At one point the GTO got stuck behind a slow moving car and made a quick pass (to catch-up with me). It was great to run down the road, a G8 and GTO!

    I decided that I shouldn’t drive all the way up Vasco (a REALLY long way home) and took the last left onto Dalton Ave. I hoped the GTO would follow for a little fun on the back roads, but I didn’t expect it. The rest of the drive was fun too, but heading into commute traffic made for a less than relaxing drive… unlike the road at the same time on a weekend.

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