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  • Upgrades on the Way

    Posted on March 13th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    It didn’t take too long… less than one month… and I’ve ordered my first upgrade for the G8 GT. One of the first things I read about the G8 was the ability to integrate audio/video into the in-dash stereo/monitor. In the process, I learned about the ability to have a back-up camera that activates when you put the car in reverse. Given that the G8 GT lives in a parking garage that is a bit tight for maneuvering, this would be something I’d use every day. Well, today I pulled the trigger and purchased the required parts (Video in Motion/Back-up Camera Kit) from JHP Vehicle Enhancements. In addition to the back-up camera, this will allow me (with a few more adapters) to plug my iPod into the car’s stereo/monitor.

    I had originally planned on waiting for my trial XM subscription to expire before getting the VIM/Back-up Camera, as I have found a few stations that get me by without my hardwired iPod, but I couldn’t wait after seeing JHP’s new (so new it’s not even out) In-Dash GPS Kit:


    This totally factory kit allows for the mounting of a 4.3″ GPS (like many of the Garmin Nuvi units) in the dash. I had read about a GPS install lower on the center console (next to the cig. lighter) in front of the shifter… but it’s not very functional. Also, given I have a 2009 G8 GT… without the ‘Atari Gauges’… it removes the (stupid) little shelf over the center air vents that has no real function. This kit will require pulling the dash apart, but it will be great fun!

    I’m for sure going to be taking some before, during, and after photos… and writing up a report on the installs once all the parts arrive. I can hardly wait!

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