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  • Post-GoatRun

    Posted on October 4th, 2011 tcorzett No comments

    Since I only had 2 hours of driving today, I decided to really sleep in this morning. I checked-out of my hotel just before noon and set-off on the road without eating breakfast (or would it be lunch at that point?).

    After last night’s “Limp Mode” fiasco, I didn’t want to take any chances today. Generally, the G8 does OK the first time it is started… and only starts to have problems after stopping. Because of this, I decided to drive all the way home without turning-off the car.

    I also took some extra measures to make sure I’d make it home… the entire way I was talking to the G8. I talked to her (all cars are female), providing encouraging words, promising that I would take good care of her once we made it home… get the oil changed, a nice car wash, etc. Apparently this tactic worked, as I made it all the way home without going into limp mode once!

    Entering the San Francisco Bay Area, I decided rather than just sticking to I-580 that I would take the scenic route along Altamont Pass Rd. Quite fittingly, this route is part of the old Lincoln Highway (“the first named automobile road that crossed the United States”). Along the way I decided to stop briefly and take the last photos of my road trip.

    Having spent so much time away from California, it was quite refreshing to see the golden rolling hills again.

    The remainder of my drive was uneventful, and I pulled into my parking garage to finish my trip in the same place it began. Total distance traveled… 9281 miles!

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