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  • National G8 Meet: Day 3

    Posted on September 11th, 2011 tcorzett No comments

    Today was the final day of the 2011 National G8 Meet, and the only scheduled activity for the day was an awards ceremony. After yesterday’s late night, it felt good to sleep in a little.

    Before getting to the hotel I stopped-off at a parking “garage” next to the hotel to take a few photos.

    I headed over to the hotel for the awards ceremony, but first had to take advantage of a unique photo opportunity…

    The scene with the (Liquid) Red, (Hot) White, and (Stryker) Blue G8’s… and the flag at half mast… really stood-out. I think everyone who came into the parking lot was taking photos and feeling very American.

    At the awards ceremony, various awards were given out in several classes (V6, GT, GXP… Stock, Mild-Mod, Modified) for the car show and for the quickest cars from drag racing. Raffle prizes were also given out from the various event sponsors (SOLO Performance, Adam’s Polishes, Squash Performance, WasSlow, Performance Car Web, etc.). I didn’t win anything, but it was still fun.

    After the awards it was time to say goodbye to everyone. It was rough having the event end so quickly, but I guess that’s what next year is for!

    Some of the guys I hung-out with in Chicago were headed home via Pontiac, IL. I was really disappointed that I missed their previous trips there, so wasn’t going to miss it this time! The group headed-out together in a tight, quickly moving, convoy. I’ve not been around a car club for a while, and I wasn’t use to the formation driving. We were only going the speed limit, but it seemed like we were going 90 miles-an-hour!

    When we reached the Pontiac we quickly headed to the Route 66 mural for some awesome photos!

    After photos we even had time to checkout the Pontiac-Oakland Auto Museum!

    The museum was really great. They had several rare Pontiac’s and all sorts of historic parts/pieces. One of my favorite things was the display case that housed several DeLorean Pontiac Sales Awards, just like the ones that my Grandfather sent me. After purchasing some swag, we headed next door to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Far too soon, I had to say goodbye to the Chicago boys, as they needed to get home… and I needed to get to my hotel.

    This weekend has been a really great time. It is always fun to hangout and “talk shop” with people who have similar interests. It was even better to see all of the people I talk with all the time online. I really hope that next year I’ll have the ability to make the trip to the 2012 National G8 Meet!

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