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  • Maverick Man Carbon Fiber Hood!

    Posted on June 23rd, 2011 tcorzett No comments

    After a year of planning and waiting it has finally happened… I am the proud owner of a Maverick Man Carbon Fiber Hood!

    Two years ago when I purchased my Maverick Man CF Spoiler, I knew I was in love with the way Carbon Fiber looks with the MGM body color of my G8. I wanted to get something for the front of the car (to balance out the spoiler), and a hood was towards the top of the list. Unfortunately, no one produced a CF hood for the G8!

    After some persuasion Maverick Man agreed to attempt a CF hood, but first he needed a stock hood to make the molds. I had been looking for a good quality used G8 hood on eBay and other websites, but was having a really hard time finding one. Eventually I was able to track down a hood from a G8 owner (who had just finished a Holden front-end conversion) and had it shipped to Maverick Man. The shipping process was crazy (have you ever tried to ship something as large/heavy as a hood across the country?), but it all worked out in the end.

    A couple of months ago Maverick Man released a few teaser photos of the hood, and it sparked huge interest from the G8 community. Fortunately, having been involved with the creation process, I was at the top of the list to receive a finished hood. Unfortunately, when the hood was ready to ship… I was on travel for work!

    Well, there was no way I was going to pass-up my chance to get the hood, so I made a few calls and arranged for someone to receive the hood while I was away. Not only did they receive the hood, the even did a test fitting on another G8 to get some photos that I could share with the G8 community!

    During the test fitting on the other G8 it was observed that some modifications would be required to get the hood latch to fully close. When it came time to install the hood on my G8 a couple of minor modifications were made to the hood latch mechanism such that it could be mounted ~ 1/4″ higher… and after that, the fitment of the hood is just awesome!

    One of my favorite features of the hood is just how subtle the CF looks compared to the MGM body color. From a distance, or in anything other than direct sunlight, you can hardly tell that the hood is not stock… but when you get up close, you’re like “WTF, is that Carbon Fiber!?!”

    Now I just have to get my act together and install the matching Maverick Man Kidney Grill Surrounds and Lower GXP Grill Surround!

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