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  • Living Without a G8 GT

    Posted on November 23rd, 2010 tcorzett 3 comments

    I dropped the G8 off at the shop today to begin the transformation. I had to pack an SUV to the gills to get all of the parts to the shop. When I dropped everything off, even the mechanics were shocked at how much was going to go onto the car. It’s going to take a while to wrap-up (especially since I’m still waiting on some suspension parts to be delivered), but hopefully by Christmas I will have a whole new beast of a machine.


    3 responses to “Living Without a G8 GT”

    1. I feel your pain – Just got mine back after 6 months!! 🙁 Not even where I want it but blowing up an engine and then rebuilding is a long and slow process..

      Good luck with your build!

    2. Hey Man,
      Just seeing if you had any progress report on your car yet! Hope you get it back soon.

    3. Steve-
      I read about your rebuild, really a tough break! The car is progressing nicely, but is not yet finished (I’m in no rush). All sorts of new bits and pieces have been installed… some more on order and other still waiting to go on. I’m really looking forward to taking her for a spin after it’s finished… it will be a whole new car.

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