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  • Merry Christmas

    Posted on December 25th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    Christmas this year was very good for the G8!

    Started off with a new sign for the parking spot (not that I can actually put it up in the parking garage):


    The next thing I received was a large ‘old fashion’ Pontiac Service sign:


    This is a really great, heavy, metal sign. It would be perfect in a garage, but like the parking sign I just can’t put it up in the parking garage. I think in the future I’m going to give my loft/office a complete automotive theme. I have some great motorsports memorabilia (like the spark plugs out of Tony Schumacher’s Championship winning Top Fuel Dragster) that will work nicely to fill-out the shelves/walls.

    I purchased a helmet for when I go to the track/strip, but I didn’t purchase a bag for it. For Christmas I was given a great bag from Summit (along with some t-shirts, hats, and stickers). It’ll be great to not have to worry about dropping (and damaging) my helmet going to/from the car.

    My Grandfather went through his basement and found several old Pontiac dealer awards he won… and he passed them on to me! It’s really cool having some of these old Pontiac plaques and stuff. More really great stuff for the office.

    One of the Christmas presents from my parents was a custom Buillet Prototypes Catch Can.


    This will be installed into the line that returns oil (from somewhere) into the intake manifold. The LSx engines are notorious for getting oil coating the intake… and the catch can will (like the name implies) catch it. I got a black anodized version with the knurled base and black fittings. I could have gotten something more flashy, but I’m not a person for under-hood ‘bling’.

    The big present that I received this Christmas was a DashHawk!


    The DashHawk is a gauge cluster, performance monitor, data logger, and all-around great thing to have. When I had troubles with my car after installing the headers, it was a DashHawk that told me what the CEL was for (misfire) and even what cylinder were giving the problems. It then cleared the codes and everything. I’m really looking forward to the gauges… being able to monitor things like Intake Air Temperatures (IAT), Spark Retard, Oil Pressure, and any other parameter that the ECU monitors.

    It was a really great Christmas (not just because of the gifts)… I can’t wait to get everything installed on the G8!

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