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  • Post-GONE: Day 2

    Posted on September 13th, 2011 tcorzett No comments

    Now that I’ve made it to the National G8 Meet (GONE), I have some time to kill before GoatRun later this month. I figure I’ve made it this far across the Country, so why not keep going? Seriously, how often do I get to this side of the USA with my car? Since I’m looking to see the Country, why not drive as many twisty roads as I can!

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    I started-out the day on Missouri 94 (aka. Lewis and Clark Trail) and was pleasantly surprised by a wonderful stretch of road. The road had recently been refinished, so was silky smooth. While there were not any “mountains” to climb, the topography included lots of hills and valleys that made the sweeping corners even more exciting.

    Unfortunately, my morning was plagued by P2135 codes… requiring a couple quick stops to clear codes. I really need to give a shout-out to Rick at Synergy Motorsports for all of his support with this issue. Every time I contact him about something he is very quick to reply with information and advice. He is even sending me some hardware/software so he can remote diagnose any future issues!

    After a short trip on the main-drag I reached Lake Ozark (and had to pay my first bridge toll of the trip). I had hoped the trip around/through the lake would be more scenic, but there were too many trees blocking the views. I also found the area far too touristy… I didn’t need to find a dozen places to get “old time photos”.

    After another stunt on the main-drag, I stopped to get some food. At this point I had been driving for almost 4 hours and really needed a break. At lunch when I ordered my sandwich, I was mistaken for a truck driver… mostly because I asked for my sandwich on “flat bed” instead of “flat bread”. I hadn’t even noticed, so I guess it was a good time for a stop!

    The next fun part of my drive was scheduled for Missouri 125, but unfortunately today was plagued by detours… which really put a sour finish on the drive. After having to make a major detour just to get to MO-125, I had to take another one that kept me from driving the last part of the road (and eventually lead me away from my hotel).

    Even with all the detours, the driving on MO-125 was totally worth it! Just like the other fun roads I drove today, the sweeping corners combined with elevation changes made for an exciting time. There were several times when the hills resulted in negative G-Forces (and a light headed feeling). I was really happy that the foretasted thundershowers didn’t decide to arrive (but it was ~103°F when I arrived). I only wish I could have driven all of MO-125, without the detours.

    Tonight I’m staying in Branson, MO… which is a really weird town. It’s almost like Vegas, but filled with tacky min-golf courses. My hotel room is at a Marriott “Vacation Club” facility, which is kinda like a condo/timeshare.

    When I went out to grab some dinner I think I was the only one in the place that wasn’t eating off the senior menu and didn’t have blue hair.

    Tomorrow I’m heading out on more twisty roads… hopefully there will not be any detours! Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to be cooperating.