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  • Goodbye OnStar, Hello BlueStar

    Posted on February 9th, 2010 tcorzett No comments

    I’ve been looking for a Bluetooth solution for the G8 for quite some time. While I don’t spend much time on the phone in the car, with the new hands free laws in California, I need something that works. The performance of Bluetooth headsets are poor, especially compared to the factory phone system. I refuse to pay OnStar for phone minutes (I already pay for too many minutes on my cell phone) and was not impressed with their service when I needed a tow (AAA arrived faster).

    My OnStar subscription is running out in a few days, so now was the perfect time to cancel it and go with the BlueStar system. The loss of OnStar means that I will not get phone alerts telling me my oil life and tire pressure (which I can do anytime I’m in the car), unlock my doors if I get locked-out (which is basically impossible in the G8 anyhow), or turn-by-turn navigation (but that’s what the GPS is for).

    There is a group buy on the G8Board, so I’ll even be getting a discounted rate on the BlueStar (only a couple of bucks more than a year’s worth of OnStar). It will be nice to have a phone in the car that actually works without having to spend more money on minutes.