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  • Traffic School

    Posted on January 20th, 2010 tcorzett No comments

    I’ve been putting-off taking the traffic school to keep the point from appearing on my driving record for too long… so today I bit the bullet and got it out of the way. The ability to do things online is MUCH nicer than the classroom sessions (driver’s education) they I had to do when getting my license. The information was basically the same, but being able to go at my own (faster) pace was nice. I more than likely could have just taken the final test and passed with the 80% required, but I do like to know the specifics of the laws (ie that it is legal to make a left turn on red, as long as it’s not a red arrow). Took me ~3hrs to read through all of the sections… and I actually learned a couple of things. It wasn’t a fun use of my time, but it could have been worse!