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  • Gas Price Inequality

    Posted on June 16th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    I understand the concept of suply and demand, but what is the deal with the extremely different gas prices from state to state?


    Just look at California! Isn’t there a big refinery (large supply) in Benicia? So why are most prices are over $2.94/gal… where even closely neighboring states are $0.50/gal less expensive? Maybe some of this is because of state/local taxes places on the gas sales, or maybe special formulations to deal with environmental concerns, but still… it is annoying.

    On a note about gas… I have been consistantly been getting around 19 mpg in the G8 GT with my commute to work (13 miles, 85% highway at ~75 mph). I’m happy with this, considering I was getting about the same fuel economy with my ’02 Grand Prix that only had a 3.8L V6.

    If I’m all highway I’ve been getting up to the 25 mph that the window sticker claimed. I have noticed that the more I drive in manual shifting mode the lower the gas milage, but that has to be connected with the more spirited nature of that driving. Still, the lowest full-tank average I’ve done so far was 15.6 mpg.