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  • Pontiac G8 GXP: Last Drive

    Posted on May 14th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    Over the past three days there has been a multi-part story playing out on Jalopnik about the Pontiac G8 GXP… and it’s ‘Last Drive’.


    Besides being a little harsh on the interior at times, he does a good job describing the attitude associated with the G8 (especially the GXP trim). A few good quotes…

    From a dead stop, at highway passing speeds, and on beyond what’s really practical… the GXP will definitely and unmistakably accelerate. Anecdotally, I found that when I got tired of leaning forward in my seat and fetching my music player from its perch atop the dash, I was able to drop down two gears, nail the throttle, and pluck my trusty iPod out of the air as it shot past my shoulder. Please note that this somehow fails to impress women.

    Who Should Buy a G8 GXP:
    • You like the idea of a four-door Corvette with a gigantic backseat and a capacious trunk.
    • You think a combination of power and practicality will attract the opposite sex and you like that the power part can at least be hidden from them if necessary.

    Who Shouldn’t Buy a G8 GXP:
    • You know the thread count of your sheets by heart.
    • You believe fast four-doors should be made by stoic sausage-gnashing umlaut junkies and no one can convince you otherwise.

    Some of the commentary is quite entertaining as well:

    A four-door Corvette with a gigantic backseat and a capacious trunk.
    How capacious? Are we talking 1 dead hooker or 3? Dry or wet? Metric or English?

    Overall the impressions were right on track. Many of the points brought-up were those that enticed me to the G8 GT: More than adequate power on-tap, Large trunk (for hookers… oops, photography equipment), Subtle but aggressive looks, Etc.

    For a fan of the G8, it’s required reading:
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