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  • Radar Detector Dilemma

    Posted on April 29th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    I finally broke down today and ordered a radar detector. I’ve been considering the idea of getting a radar detector for quite a while, but have been concerned with the idea that if you have a radar detector you are planning on speeding. It’s kinda like being guilty without even doing anything…

    Will I be speeding? Yes, I can guarantee that… but I would like to think that I’m different than most speeders (even if no one believes me). When I picture most speeders/radar detector users, I see someone who wants to constantly drive over the speed limit and use the radar detector to stop them from getting a ticket. I’m talking about the people driving 90mph on the freeway (in a 65mph zone). This is FAR from who I am.

    I have actually found myself driving slower for the vast majority of the time behind the wheel of the G8 than I was in my previous cars. It is probably because of the large digital speedo (that I’m always looking at), but I’m sure it’s also because I know that I CAN go fast… therefore don’t HAVE to go fast. Maybe I’m the only one that makes sense to, but whatever!

    I want to drive above the speed limit (technically speeding) while I’m on my ‘spirited’ drives. Often times I find myself driving over the speed limit in the twisty stuff. Some roads (Mines Rd. comes to mind) have a speed limit posted above the speed you could actually drive the road safely (Mines Rd is a 45mph speed limit the whole length, including the single lane super curvy parts). Then there are other roads (Redwood for example) that are 25mph… despite the ability to drive 45mph through all the corners…

    I want a little insurance that while I’m out in the middle of nowhere, with no one else on the road, I can enjoy the twisty stuff… regardless of the posted speed limits.

    After reading many reviews about radar detectors I kept coming back to the Valentine One. Yes, it was a bit pricey… but so is a speeding ticket. The V1 also has several really great features that other detectors on the market do not.


    The first feature is a set of arrows that display the direction in which the radar is being transmitted from. So, if there is a LEO (law enforcement officer) ahead of you… the forward arrow will light, if they are behind you … the rear will light.

    The second feature is a display that shows the number of bogeys (radar signals) that it detects. This is very helpful in determining if the alert is a LEO or just some other radar signal (like an automatic door opener at a shopping center). This, in combination with the directional arrows, will alert you to a LEO in front of you and one behind you… something that other detector would just ‘Beep’ at (no different then a single bogey).

    I will be hard wiring in the V1 to the rear view mirror (well, the power that goes to the rear view mirror) using an invisacord. With the detector mounted above the rear view mirror, and no cords hanging all over the place, it should result in a semi-hidden install.

    I am a little concerned about using suction cups to mount the V1, as it’s illegal in California to have anything stuck to your windshield (other than your rear view mirror or a FasTrak). Where it is going I don’t think it would be a big deal (it doesn’t obstruct my view, which is the basis of the law), but I’m sure people have been ticketed for it in the past. Worst case I could get something like a BlendMount to have the V1 mount under the rear view mirror.

    I’m new to this stuff, so I’m sure I’ll be posting more about the V1 as I learn to use it.