Life is Great with a 6.0-liter V8
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  • The Drive Home

    Posted on February 15th, 2009 tcorzett No comments

    I picked-up my new G8 GT this morning from Hilltop Pontiac! After taking care of the final paperwork, it was time to say goodbye to the Grand Prix and hello to the G8 GT. It was raining all morning so I got a little wet transferring things between cars, but I’m not a witch (or warlock?). The sales person who helped me yesterday walked me through the controls in the driver’s compartment and went over a few more items on the rest of the car. It was a nice touch, as I didn’t think ahead and bring home the owner’s manual last night to read. After activating OnStar I headed off for home. I had decided the night before to take a more scenic route home than just I-580E.

    Total Distance: 97.2 miles
    Driving Time: 2 hours 47 min

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    I started out going north to get to Hwy-4… basically the same route I took on the test drive (minus the loop around the mall). Hwy-4 was a nice change from the 5-lane freeways I normally drive on. Being ‘winter’ in California the hills are nice and green, so the scenery was very pleasant. There was a consistent sprinkle of rain, which gave me the chance to learn the windshield wiper controls. Once I got to I-680S it was back to the multi-lane concrete jungle that is California.

    When I reached Sycamore Valley Rd. I took the exit and drove around some rural roads on a back way to Dublin. The roads were all two lanes with sweeping curves, but not much of a challenge. I was fortunate to not get stuck behind and slow traffic, so that helped keep it enjoyable. When I popped-out in Dublin I figured rather than going home I’d show my parents the new car. I used this excuse to drive to Livermore and try out some of the back roads off North Livermore Ave.

    I am quite familiar with these roads, as I often go out that way for quick photo shoots and to release squires. The rain had stopped for a little so I figured I could grab a few quick photos… with my camera phone (oh the disgrace). None of the phones turned out to be anything that I’d ever want to show to anyone, but what can I expect from a camera phone.

    After the photos I wanted to see how the G8 GT handles starts and stops. I did a few stops and really liked the brake feel and how stable things felt. I also put some throttle into it… WOW! The best way I can describe this car is a split personality… really, two cars in one. There is a nice and reserved 4-Door sedan for moving people and cruising around town… and then there is the car that reviles its self when you give it more than half-throttle. This 6.0-liter V8 can really put your butt in the seat!

    I made it to my Parent’s house and showed-off the car. My Father saw a G8 GT in Magnetic Grey Metallic and one with the 19” sport rims, but not my exact combination. My Mother had never seen a G8 and was really impressed with the whole package. I took her for a little trip around the corner… the only thing she didn’t like was the very small area the windshield wipers miss (directly in her view). I then went out for a longer drive with my Father. After driving up to the top of the Altamont Pass, I pulled-over and let my Father take the G8 GT back home.

    We drove back on S. Flynn Rd., a route that my Father has ridden his bicycle on several times. The road was a little damp, but nothing too bad. The G8 handled the tight curves perfectly and when my Father put in some extra throttle turning onto Patterson Pass Rd. the traction control came in nicely. He was generally very impressed.

    After some delicious French Onion Soup for lunch I headed home. The G8 GT took the first trip into my parking space. I like the turning radius when it comes to maneuvering around the tight spaces of the garage. One of the mods that I’m really looking forward (or backwards?) to is the Video in Motion (VIM) upgrade and a back-up camera.

    The G8 GT is home… I can’t wait until the rain goes away and I can get it (her?) out onto some curvy roads!